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HydroBlox Roof Gardens

the best performing sustainable solution

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HydroBlox Roof Gardens

lightweight and easy installation

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Green Roofs

A green roof can decrease the amount of CO2 and other by-products from being released into the atmosphere. Green roofing helps capture airborne pollutants and can filter noxious gasses.  HydroBlox Green Roofing panels are made from 100% recycled plastic making it the most environmentally friendly green roof solution on the planet.

Blue Roofs

HydroBlox Blue Roof panels slow storm water runoff and stores the water in the HydroBlox plank.  This allows the water to be temporarily captured and used for the green roof.

This reduces the amount of rainwater released into stormwater system and reduces the HVAC load for the building.

HydroBlox Noodles

HydroBlox Noodles are the perfect solution for hydroponic growth chambers.  Third party testing documents the superior growth results when usingHydroBlox noodles.  A feature of HydroBlox noodles is the ease and effectiveness of cleaning.  Any potential plant pathogens are easily removed from the HydroBlox noodles.  The HydroBlox noodles can be reused without danger of infection.

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About Us

HydroBlox is made from the 100% recycled plastic.  HydroBlox is easily the most environmentally friendly product on the market.
The ease of use and performance of HydroBlox is second to none.
HydroBlox as the plant growth substrate has been tested both by university and independent laboratories with the conclusion that HydroBlox is lighter and easier to work with and superior to any other product on the market. 
Simply better.

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